Mount Nemrut

Why is Nemrut Mountain special? In this area, there are statues of statues sitting on the armchair, which are turned on the Mount Nemrut. These bodies are 10 meters high and some of the heads are rounded down. These statues represent the mythological gods of Apollon, Mitra, Helios, Hermes, Tyche-Fortuna, Zeus, Oramasdes, Antiochus, Heracles and Ares respectively. The statues of eagles and lions on the right and left sides of these statues are also responsible for protecting the gods. The current status of Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is 2150 meters high. Due to this height, the weather is very cool at night and it gets very hot in the mornings. However, the fact that they are approximately 2000 years old is another reason for their destruction. Nevertheless, the relics continue to attract the attention of tourists because it is historical and important. What can be done on Mount Nemrut? Mount Nemrut welcomes thousands of tourists every year. A large proportion of these tourists are Japanese tourists. Besides the historical monuments of the mountain, the landscape created by the sunset draws the attention of tourists. Mount Nemrut is a special place where sunsets and suns can be watched.