Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan)

Cotton fields, lakes, forests and magnificent landscapes d¸ When you return to Dalyan Hill's Sulungur Quarter and return to Shift Hill, you will see a plain which seems to be eternal. In fact, this flatness, which is the continuation of the delta, was completely cotton fields until recently. Now, because the product is money, it is usually turned into pomegranate gardens. After crossing the bridge over the river that drains the water into the sea from the bottom of the mountain, the pink colored oleander covers you right on the left. Especially in the spring, this corridor, which creates an incredible pink beauty, turns you left. Another beauty begins at the point where the oleander ends. Facing the shadows of the hills, the generally sluggish Sulungur Lake is coming out. You walk out of the rock in the narrow way carved under it.

Going around the lake you enter a dense pine forest. At the top of the road you are climbing, Gˆkbel village school and a few shops meet. You're going through the forest road on the right. You feel the pleasant smell of pine trees filling your lungs. If you look carefully through the trees, you can see the bee hives that are usually painted in blue. When the trees end on your right and the village houses begin to appear, a little further, if you look down below, you can see the bird's eye view of the Sulungur Lake and the Delta of Dalyan ahead. Delta goes along with you. Until the last straight to embrace the sea. After that, it appears to fall down from the woods. If you feel the desire to have a grain of sand on that beach in your being! Note to those who will go to the beach with a special tool: The surrounding area is full of various natural beauties, and hundreds of thousands of local and foreign guests use this road every year, unfortunately, narrow and some parts are broken. For this reason, we recommend that you do not over speed.