Tourism İn İstanbul

DolmabahÁe Palace: It is the most important of the palaces in the world in the nineteenth century. The place where the palace was located was a bay. Sultan Ahmed II and Sultan Sultan II, this bay was filled in the period of the Kiosk Kiosk was built with the name of a Kasr. Then the Sultan Besiktas Palace was built by Sultan Selim III in the same place. Sultan Abd¸lmecÓd Han demolished this palace and began to build the DolmabahÁe Palace in 1851. This five-year-old palace has 200 rooms and 8 large lounges. Marbles were brought from Marmara Island. It is the third place where the Ottoman Sultans sat after the palaces of B‚yezÓd and Topkap˝. (See DolmabahÁe Palace) Ciragan Palace: Besiktas in the sea shore opposite the Y˝ld˝z Park. Sultan Abd¸lazÓz Khan built in 1871. Famous for its marble work, the palace burned in 1910. Today it has been restored and used as a tourist hotel. Y˝ld˝z Palace: Besiktas'da against the Stars Mosque. Sultan Abd¸lazÓz Khan built in 1866. The palace, which is located in a wide grove, consists of several mansions. B‚yezÓd is the fourth palace of the Ottoman sultans after the Topkap˝ and DolmabahÁe palaces. This palace, which is a house of eight sult‚na, is an art museum. (See Y˝ld˝z Palace)

Beylerbeyi Palace: This palace, which is the diamond of the Bosphorus, was built by Sultan Abd¸lazÓz Han. The eastern walls of the palace and the inner structure of the palace are very ornamented. The hall with a pool is famous for its garden and valuable items arranged in a set format. (See Beylerbeyi Palace) ıbr‚him Pasha Palace: K‚n˚nÓ Sultan S¸leyman's uncle, this palace was given as a wedding gift by Pasha and later he was used as a barracks and a school. Located in Sultanahmed district, the palace has been converted into a museum of Turkish-Islamic Works in recent years.