Ephesus Antique City

Marble Street Marble Street provides transportation between the Celsus Library and Odeon. Pedestrians are not forgotten on the street where cars are used. The high platform on the side of the road serves the same as the sidewalks. It is fascinating to have a human-centered understanding of urbanism for centuries. On the street there is a woman's foot and a marble engraved head. This marble, which is thought to be the first advertising board in the world, depicts the House of Love. Love House Love House, which is the favorite place of the sailors coming to Ephesus, is located at the intersection of Kuretler Street and Marble Street. The house is connected to both the Celsus Library and the Skolastika Baths with a secret passage. It is known that the men entered after a short ritual in front of the statue of Aphrodite at the entrance. The mosaics depicting the four seasons on the walls of this house have witnessed how many secret love they have witnessed.

Kuretler Street Kuretler Street is the most functional street of the city from Herakles Gate to the Library of Celsus. A large sewer system under the floor covered with marble plaques proves the level of civilization that the city reached at that time. The monumental buildings such as the Traianus Fountain, the Hadrianian Temple and the baths of Skolastika are located on this street. Even the book is written on behalf of the new inhabitants of the city, cute cats, the joy of your walk at any moment to add.