Tourism in Bodrum

BODRUM TRANSPORTATION By bus There are frequent bus services from Bodrum to Bodrum. Out of season, you can find bus tickets every day, although not as much as in the season. There are minibuses every 15 min from Bodrum Center. By plane If your time is limited you can use air transportation to save time. You can use Bodrum-Milas Airport with an early reservation due to the intensity of the season. But if you do not find the place and if you want to go a little more way to extend the other option Dalaman Airport may be alternatives for you. With car

In our last mode of transportation, you can enjoy your private car transportation. You can experience new things because there are many stops on the way to the point where you come from the city. Let's say you come from Istanbul on the road you can eat Alexander in Bursa. Or if you want to go a bit out of the way, you can watch the sunset in Ayval˝k devil table. Or you can enjoy the sea view on the Izmir coastline. You can taste the famous «ine meatball in place. In short, it is possible to make the journey more enjoyable if you are on your itinerary.