Turkey's Top Tourist Attractions

HIDDEN CITY 18 km from Fethiye-Antalya. Sakl˝kent is a valley offering extraordinary beauty. The place to climb to the rock will give you a different experience. THE FULL TIME OF TRAVELING IN THE ISLANDS Adalar must be at the beginning of the list of places to visit in Istanbul. Especially B¸y¸kada. Summer is the best season to go to the islands. NEVER SEE KONYA Konya is an open-air museum with a historical and cultural heritage. Hz. Those who want to feel the climate of Mevlana, those who want to live him must definitely drive his way to this city. 5000 YEARS DAILY SILL VILLAGE LONG LAKE Uzungol is a dream garden hidden among the mountains. One thousand thousand tons of green, colorful flowers, spring coolness ... Build your way to Uzungˆl without proliferation. CAPPADOCIA IS UNLIMITED Are you one of the people who have seen the balloon tour photos in Cappadocia? If yes, divorce this summer to see the fairy chimneys.

A FRIENDLY CITY HARRAN 45 km. southeast of Harran is an important stopping point connecting Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean. It has a history of 5,000 years. An important cultural center since the early ages. MıMAR SıNAN'S WINE SELıMıYE MOSQUE Edirne Selimiye Mosque is one of Mimar Sinan's masterpieces. It is also the culmination of Ottoman-Turkish architecture. Inside, the tiles, lines, marbles and embroideries are all separate works of art. EY's WHITE PEARL PAMUKKALE You can visit the region, which is located in Denizli, which includes Ancient Pool, Ancient Theater and Archeology Museum, both as asa natural wonder and as a historical place.