Aspendos Antique Theater

Aspendos, 8 km east of the town of Serik, Kˆpr¸Áay˝'n˝n reached the plain from the mountainous region where the BC. It was founded by Akalar in the 10th century and is one of the richest cities of the ancient era. The theater here is M.S. It was built in the 2nd century by the Romans. The city is one of the largest, one of which is founded on two small hills. The geographer Strabon and Pamponrus Mela write that the city was founded by the Agrus. BC to the region. After 1200, there were Greek immigrants, whereas the name Aspendos was the native Anatolian language before Grem. Aspendos was one of the cities to be captured in every age since it is on an important trade route and connected to the port with the Kˆpr¸Áay River. This has enabled Turkey's most fascinating ancient buildings to come from maintaining the present one. This structure is the Roman theater used by the Seljuks turn into palace. In addition to its splendor and beauty in the first years, the important but immediately inconspicuous traces left by the Seljuks make the structure fascinating. The aqueducts, which are an engineering wonder for the period, are the buildings that attract the most interest and reference of scientists in the city. Atat¸rk visited Aspendos in 1930 and encouraged the protection of the theater. How to go to the ancient city of Aspendos?

From Antalya's Serik district towards Manavgat, follow the sign of Kav˛atan Belk˝s (Aspendos) and turn north. When you go about 4 km you can reach the ancient city.